art, nature, art therapy, natural environment, mutual connections


The two main factors, culture and nature, are inseparable. The mutual connections of the latter, on the one hand, are clearly reflected in the poetic works, on the other hand, the natural and geographical location of the place, combined with the specifics of a certain culture, affects the cultural life of the given place, its manifestations. It should be noted, however, that in the modern world, as a result of urbanization, globalization and technocratization, the connection with one's own body, the natural world, traditional cultures and natural creativity is being disrupted. We believe that the practice of expressive art therapy can contribute to the establishment of connections with the nature. It can increase body awareness and promote understanding of the body as a thinking and feeling system. The body then becomes a creator of meanings, ideas that lives through the creation of art forms. They can be used in the context of expressive arts therapy, both nature-oriented and culture-oriented expressive arts therapy.


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